ASTRO Raja Lawak (iPhone)

Raja Lawak is one of the latest and most talked about reality-program in search of new talents in the world of comedy.
Currently, this Astro program features the marvellous Season five, which is also available for viewing on the Astro Raja Lawak app.
The Raja Lawak app is incredibly breath-taking and only gets more exciting with the additional display of all contestants’ weekly activities.
The app is also user-friendly and so astounding that enthusiastic fans and followers are able to view the entire collection of Raja Lawak videos on
Season four and five and catch the latest most sensational Season five news.
Users of this app are also able view profiles of their favourite contestants and place their votes with great excitement and anticipation.
For those who enjoy a great dosage of humour, the app has an impressive collection of jokes from contestants, all readily accessible.


Features allow users to:

  • Access an entire collection of Raja Lawak Season 4 and 5 videos (more than 100 videos to choose from)
  • View the latest hot sensational news on Raja Lawak Season 5
  • View Contestants’ profiles and interesting gallery of photographs
  • Vote for their favourite contestants
  • Access a magnificent collection of daily dosage of jokes and humour from contestants